About Us

Welcome to Maine Metalcraft

At Maine Metalcraft, we are quickly leaving our mark as a dynamic member of the Maine metal fabrication industry.


As a sister company to Maine Wood Heat, we benefit from years of crafting high-quality wood-fired pizza ovens. This collaboration combines expertise and innovation to deliver premier metal fabrication services.

Despite being a new company, Maine Metalcraft boasts a team with seventy five years of combined experience in the metalworking industry. This extensive background includes welding, machining, and custom fabrication among other things.


Whether it’s precision-engineered machine components, structurally robust steel work, or intricate metal sculptures, our artisans have the knowledge and skills to bring a wide range of projects to life.

We excel in the art of custom metal fabrication, making us a versatile and valuable resource for clients seeking tailor-made solutions. Our team takes pride in transforming raw materials into meticulously crafted products.


Our ties with Maine Wood Heat provides a unique synergy between traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. This collaboration allows us to blend the time-tested craftsmanship of Maine Wood Heat with innovative problem-solving approaches. Which makes delivering high-quality products, with creative solutions a recurring theme.

Our focus on customer satisfaction and dedication to upholding the highest quality standards sets us apart in the industry. Emerging as a new company with deep-rooted experience positions us as formidable players in the world of custom metal fabrication.

Thank You

We are poised to be your trusted partner, offering expertise, customer relations and innovation in equal measure.

Meet Our Team

Scott Barden


With three decades of expertise, Scott is a seasoned wood-fired oven business owner whose passion for craftsmanship and innovation has defined his career. Armed with an extensive background in welding, carpentry, and design, Scott has meticulously honed his skills to create stunning and functional wood-fired ovens. His journey began in carpentry, masonry and then welding. He now owns and operates two business. MWH and MMC with his mother Cheryl.


Cheryl Kemper


Cheryl Kemper is a remarkable wood-fired oven business owner with a rich and diverse background in many fields. With an initial career spanning multiple decades as a dedicated game warden, Cheryl honed her skills in conservation and environmental stewardship. Her passion for the outdoors and wildlife conservation eventually led her to explore her entrepreneurial side where she sought something new. She now owns and runs two businesses with her son Scott. MWH and MMC.

Garett Veinotte

Head Welder

Garrett Veinotte is our shop manager who has a rich background in welding, carpentry, CNC machining, amassing 13 years of expertise. His career began as a Mason, where he developed a keen eye for detail and precision. He then went on to weld, allowing him to blend functionality and aesthetics seamlessly in his work. Garrett’s experience and leadership have made him an integral part of the MWH and MMC shop’s success, ensuring that every project meets the highest standards.

Tom Mason

Head Welder

Amongst many things, Tom Mason is a seasoned lead welder with two decades of welding expertise. His journey began at welding school, where he developed the foundational skills that would shape his career. Over the years, Tom honed his craft, mastering various welding techniques and materials. His precision and attention to detail have earned him a reputation at MMC and MWH for producing high-quality welds in a wide range of applications. Tom sets our standard for excellence in welding craftsmanship and contributing to the success of the teams and projects he leads.

Ben Wehry

Mason & Welder

Ben Wehry is a versatile craftsman with nearly 8 years experience in masonry, welding, and carpentry. His journey with MMC began as a do-it-all employee and has blossomed into someone who can do anything here at MMC . Over the years, Ben has expanded his skill set to include welding, mastering various techniques from TIG to MIG and materials such as steel, copper, and aluminum. His expertise has extended to masonry, where he combines functionality and design to create exceptional metalwork. With a diverse range of expertise Ben continues to excel in his crafts, making him one of one.